Achievements & Milestones

Industry Support

We have supported conventional filter media manufacturing in helping to repurpose and equip machinery to provide a significant upscale in UK manufacturing of up to 1,000,000 FFP2 aiming for FFP3 respirator masks per day. From the production of filter media to the construction of complete Respiratory Protective Equipment, RPE.


Through our industrial partners, we have access to equipment that can facilitate the manufacture of the key components of Respiratory Protective Equipment, including filter media. We can obtain production machinery on a relatively short lead time and manufacturing is highly scalable.

Test Equipment

We have access to industry experts and specialist filter test equipment (aerosol generation, flow rate & laser particle counting). We have worked closely with a world-leading filter test equipment manufacturer and assisted the conventional manufacturing industry in obtaining this equipment on a comparably short lead time.

Filter Media

We have assisted in connecting a large scale conventional media manufacturer to accelerate production. We have access to new (novel) filter which had been independently tested and can provide filtration greater than for FFP2.

Project Management

Although our efforts have been evolving continuously, great collaboration and organisation has been achieved using cloud based project management tool:

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